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Painting with a Purpose

Join us for one of 8 spots available on

Tues February 1st ~ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

All proceeds go directly to The HUB to purchase supplies.


No matter your experience, all are welcome and all supplies are provided. Regardless of what motivates you to paint with us; the benefits are far reaching. There is speculation that dopaminergic medications can result in a surge of creativity in people living with Parkinson’s. Knowing that might just encourage you to pick up a paintbrush and find your artistic flair.


Through art there is a mind-body connection. In a relaxed state with focus on the expression rather than on the physical movement itself, motion often becomes fluid. Art making increases the bilateral activity in the brain. When drawing or painting, you are using both the right and the left hemispheres of the brain. This is wonderful way to take greater advantage of mental resources. Strengthening concentration, memory & execution of daily functions. Join us in this fun activity with a purpose.


“I know I am going to work hard when I come to class

but I just love it!

I feel so much better, especially after laughing and having fun!

I can feel myself getting stronger. I look forward to each class and I always leave smiling."


My family told me I had to get back to Rock Steady as soon as they re-opened after lockdown! They noticed a difference in my strength and saw me slide back on all the progress I had made working three times a week for months. I missed my gym life. It was hard getting back what I lost and it's taken a few months but I am almost back to pre-lockdown. I needed the encouragement of my coach and the other boxers...if I said I couldn't do anymore my coach would prove me wrong LOL. She would tell me I had one more rep in there and I always did! If I want to feel better I have to put in the work and this is where I need to be.


If I was trying to exercise at home I would never push myself the way our Rock Steady Coaches push me. I need the motivation to keep me on task. They keep it fun, get us moving, make sure we are doing it right. I feel better after a good workout. I rarely take a day off, and if I do...I pay for it by the way I struggle to move.

Rock Steady works for me

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