Volunteers and "Cornerman" are vital to our boxing

program. Having both allows our fighters to get the most

out of each workout!  We are seeking compassionate

volunteers that will add enthusiasm, opportunity, and

an extra layer of safety for our boxers.  

A Volunteers role:​

  • A volunteer packet will be provided to anyone interested in committing to our program.  The packet includes an overview of Parkinson's Disease and additional resources for further research.

  • Volunteers will be asked to review safety guidelines in assisting a fighter from a sit to stand position, floor to stand position, and aided ambulation.    

  • Volunteers may be asked to provide stand-by to moderate assistance to anyone demonstrating imbalance while stretching, transitioning,  and assistance punching the bags.  

  • Most importantly, volunteers should bring enthusiasm, fun, and compassion for our fighters and give them a feeling of safety and support so that they will push themselves, get the most out of each punch, and want to come back for more! 

  • Volunteers should come dressed comfortably, in gym attire.


Cornermen are typically a family member; spouse, child,

friend or neighbor. They are asked to commit to their

Boxer's weekly work outs to add an extra layer of safety.  

Parkinson’s boxing members are entitled to select one designated

care partner, or “cornerman”, who may enjoy the same privileges

as our Parkinson’s class members without any additional cost.

Designated cornermen are welcome to attend Rock Steady events,

boxing classes, support groups.

Complimentary cornerman memberships are not transferrable.


 A Designated Cornerman:

  • Is encouraged to attend a Volunteer Orientation Class

  • Must accompany the Parkinson’s boxer who designated them as their

      cornerman in order to participate 

  • Will become familiar with Rock Steady Boxing emergency procedures

  • Will understand that our Parkinson’s boxers are first priority for head

      coaches and volunteers

  • Will agree to follow the same rules and regulations as Rock Steady members

   2 LOCATIONS in Volusia County:
  •  201 S Ridgewood Ave Suite 13-14 Edgewater FL
​           &
  •  495 S Nova Rd Suite 107 Ormond Beach FL in Punch Fitness Gym



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