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Where we fight back against Parkinson's Disease

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Our Story

In This Corner Inc  has been changing lives in Volusia County since we were established in 2018.  We founded our non-profit to help fight back against Parkinson's Disease.


 Studies have proven that movement is vital and potentially neuroprotective for maintaining your ability to fight back.

At  In This Corner  we focus on keeping you in the game with the

Rock Steady Boxing program.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease,

we can help.

 Call us today!


    Go The Extra Mile!

Our video was created while at the Tropical Blossom Honey Store location early in 2019 and is still pretty accurate as to how we conduct classes. All the FUN and hard work is top priority always on ALL Days!

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Rock Steady Fighters at In This Corner 

If you are a new Fighter with 

Parkinson's Disease

click on red button to:


If you are already a

RSB~NSB Fighter,

because you have PD...

 use your Member Ap with the sneaker.

You will need your email & password 

to access your existing account

it will then display the schedule, upcoming classes, track your attendance history, let you see how many classes available, your payments and allow you to communicate directly with us.



“I know I am going to work hard when I come to class

but I just love it!

I feel so much better, especially after laughing and having fun!

I can feel myself getting stronger. I look forward to each class and I always leave smiling."


My family told me I had to get back to Rock Steady as soon as they re-opened after lockdown! They noticed a difference in my strength and saw me slide back on all the progress I had made working three times a week for months. I missed my gym life. It was hard getting back what I lost and it's taken a few months but I am almost back to pre-lockdown. I needed the encouragement of my coach and the other boxers...if I said I couldn't do anymore my coach would prove me wrong LOL. She would tell me I had one more rep in there and I always did! If I want to feel better I have to put in the work and this is where I need to be.


If I was trying to exercise at home I would never push myself the way our Rock Steady Coaches push me. I need the motivation to keep me on task. They keep it fun, get us moving, make sure we are doing it right. I feel better after a good workout. I rarely take a day off, and if I do...I pay for it by the way I struggle to move.

Rock Steady works for me

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